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How Car Title Loans Work in California

Quick Cash Funds Title Loans has been helping the residents of California with their title loan needs and services for the past twenty years. We have become California’s most trusted title loan lender by offering excellent customer service, great rates and quick approval times. Many California residents have turned to us over the years for help with their financial problems and we have been there to give them the quick funding they need to painlessly solve their financial issues.

We make sure our customers are well informed on our products and services. We want there to be no surprises at any point in the loan – applying for the loan, getting the money or paying the loan off. So how does a car title loan work exactly? Auto title loans are a type of collateral loan. This means the amount of money you are allowed to borrow depends on the amount of value in your vehicle. The borrower leaves the title of their car with Quick Cash Funds. Once the loan is paid off the title is returned to the borrower. Our California title loans are for loans big and small. We lend on daily commuting cars to expensive weekend cars like a Maserati. We look at the value of the car and your ability to pay back the loan. The time frame to pay the loan back is up to you. You can pay it off in one month or sixty months. We take care of all the DMV paperwork related to your vehicle title.

It's Your Money!

Auto title loans are the perfect solution for those looking for quick cash. Our customers can use the money they receive from our car title loans for whatever you need from paying late rent, home repairs, car repairs, medical bills, school expenses or small business needs. It’s your money and you are able to use it however you see fit.

Get Cash Fast

You keep the car while you pay back the loan. This just one of the many benefits you receive when you get a car title loan from Quick Cash Funds Title Loans. There are no fees for paying off your loan early.

Quick Cash Funds Title Loans can get you the funds you need the same day you apply. Our secure streamlined online application process can give loan approvals in under an hour. Apply online or give us call to speak to a live representative to guide you through the process or answer any questions you may have.

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