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Frequently Asked Questions

At Quick Cash Funds Title we make the process to get a loan quick and easy. Along with providing our customers with quick financial relief we also believe in making sure our customers are well informed before they make the decision on whether or not they want to take out a title loan. In order to make sure all of our Quick Cash Funds customers are well informed below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from California residents regarding car title loans, interest rates and other related topics. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns you can contact us here.

Since a collateral loan is simply a loan that uses a collateral asset to secure funding, all you need to apply for a car title loan from Quick Cash Funds Title Loans is the title to your vehicle and your driver’s license.
Quick Cash Funds Car Title Loans accepts any type car, truck or van with a wholesale value of at least $4,000.
No, we don’t take keep your vehicle while you work to repay the loan. You get to keep possession of your vehicle throughout the loan process. We know you need the car to get to work to make money.
Quick Cash Funds Car Title Loans does not charge a pre-payment penalty if you pay your loan off early. Title loans are to cover emergency cash shortfalls. Once you get back on your feet pay us back and we send you the title.
A pink slip loan is another name for car title loan, or vehicle title loan. Pink slip loan merely refers to the color of the paper most vehicle titles used to be printed on in the past. California titles used to be printed on pink paper and the name stuck.
In the state of California, collateral vehicles used to secure car title loan funding must at least $4,000 in wholesale value in order to qualify for approval.
At Quick Cash Funds Car Title Loans the repayment terms are up to you. Some people want six months and some people want thirty six months. Our suggestion is to make the loan thirty six months because you can pay off as much as you want every month anyway and we credit any extra payment amount to your balance. This way, you get the benefits of a short term but the peace of mind that your required payment is low in case you have a low income month.
It is your money you can do absolutely anything you want to with it!
The average car title loan is approved and funded in less than 60 minutes.
It depends on the location where you live. Some locations can cut a check and some cannot. Quick Cash Funds Car Title Loans will usually fund your loan through electronic wire transfer directly into your bank account. However, if you prefer a paper check, we can UPS the check to you.
In some cases you will need a co-signer. Where possible we try to avoid it. Quick Cash Funds Car Title Loans will usually be able to process the loan without a co-signer. If your title says “and” or “/” on it and there is another name on title this means that person must also sign. If the title say “or” or has just your name you have the authority to sign the title.

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